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About Me


My name is Krystal Swiderski. I have always lived with animals and enjoy the companionship and love they bring. I currently live on the border of Holyoke and Chicopee, and I have been a resident of western MA for the majority of my life.


I've grown up with lots of different pets - from black labs to cats. I've always had a large place in my heart for the well-being of animals. I have worked a bit for a mobile vet clinic, and I have been a professional pet sitter since 2016. Pets are part of your family, and they deserve just as much care, compassion, and love as anyone else. I pride myself in being intuitive of a pet's personality, and I know how to react on a level that is appropriate for them. I am able to administer oral and topical medications, as well as insulin shots and subcutaneous fluids. It is my passion to continue to bring peace of mind to pet parents!

I adopted a senior toy poodle mix - Tello - in 2017, and he was my world. He has since crossed the rainbow bridge from heart disease. I still miss him! 

In 2022, I adopted a chihuahua mix puppy -Alfie - (pictured above, right) and he is a light in my life. 

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