Services & Rates

All pet sitting and dog walking visits are un-timed. This means I am able to take care of your pet's needs without rushing, as well as give them the amount of attention they deserve.

All visits are tailored to what is best for you and your pet.

Contact me for a free meet and greet!

During this consultation, I will meet you and your pet, go over your pet's routine, get a copy of your key, and answer any questions you may have.

Standard Visits

(Approx. 20-40 mins)


Midday dog walks

While you are at work or school, midday visits can include walk, yard play, or potty break w/indoor play (depending on your dog's needs).

Dog sitting (3x day +)

Cat sitting (1x day +)

Small animal sitting (1x day +)

Pet sitting visits can include walk, yard play, potty break, feeding, watering, litter box maintenance, indoor play, cuddling, mail retrieval, lights/blinds rotation, plant watering.

Extended Visits 

(Approx. 45-75 mins)



Extended pet sitting

For large pet families, pets who want longer walks/playtime, and pets who need medication. These visits can include everything listed in a Standard Pet Sitting Visit.

Overnight Care

(Approx. 12 hours)

starts at $90


An overnight stay in your home. It can include morning and evening walks as well as breakfast and dinner. This allows your pet's routine to stay uninterrupted while you are away.

Overnights give your home a lived-in look while you're way for added security.


(Additional charge for a midday visit.)